DDR2 Memory

Power your server, computer or laptop with our high speed DDR2 memory upgrades. Checkout our 200-Pin Laptop Memory or 240-Pin Computer, DDR2 ECC Registered Memory DIMMs compatible with Dell PowerEdge, HP Compaq ProLiant and IBM servers.

DDR Memory

Looking for 144-Pin 200pin Laptop Sodimm memory for Laptop Notebook? or 184-Pin Non-ECC, ECC, ECC Registered Buffered or Unbuffered memory DIMMs of PC2100 PC2700 PC3200? We have all parts in stock, and all RAM are shipped with a lifetime warranty.

DDR3 Memory

Latest hight-speed DDR3 204-Pin, 240-Pin 2GB 4GB 8GB RAM Upgrades of Kingston, Micron, Samsung, Hynix,Elpida and more, these are the big names in memory business in the world.

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Privacy Policy & Confidentiality Agreement

All customer information and correspondence is regarded as strictly confidential as we protect and support the customer privacy rights. We will not sell, share, rent, or otherwise release any confidential customer information to any unauthorized third party under any circumstance. Specifically noted, we assure that our stored customer emails are safe and we do not use your personal information for any other purpose; we never sell it to any third party; and, we never share it with any third party.

We DO NOT store customer's credit card information on our servers, we use the credit card information entered while ordering a product just to process the order and do not store the credit card information.

Payment information and secure ordering process

You can place your order online using your credit card. Your credit card is charged only when your package is shipped.

We have advanced credit card fraud detection processes in place, and actively investigate and prosecute fully every instance of credit card fraud. We DO NOT store customer's credit card information on our servers, we use the credit card information entered while ordering a product just to process the order and do not store the credit card information. Your credit card purchases are safe and secure. We use secure servers and the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to encrypt all of your personal information, including your credit card data. Once encrypted, your data cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

Terms & Conditions For Sales of Products and Parts

1. All prices are subjected to change without prior notice.

2. We reserve the right to correct typographical and printing errors.

3. We reserve the right to correct prices or calculation errors

We reserve the right not to proceed with any order where we feel that it will put us, the recipient or any other party in a vulnerable position either financially or for any other justifiable reason. We will contact every customer placing an order to notify them of the cancellation providing a viable contact e-mail address has been given. We may not be prepared to incur extra expense, other than to use e-mail to cancel such an order.

We list some examples below.

(a) Payment cannot be cleared through the payment card details provided and requests for further information or contact provide no response within a reasonable time frame for the order concerned. We presume our messages are not received or are being ignored.

(b) Insufficient delivery address details are provided, where we consider the order will not be delivered, through lack of information and we have received no reply to our request for further information.

(d) Insufficient customer details or details for the person paying for the order.

(e) Impossible or incorrect delivery date requested, where other details seem insufficient. No customer reply to query.

(f) Urgent order for immediate dispatch where details are incorrect or badly entered with no repsonse from customer.

(g) It is our opinion, from assessing the order details, that the order may be fraudulent or erroneous.

We trust that for the majority of orders it will not be necessary to even consider cancellation but this will be done should the need arise. We reserve the right to cancel and we will not accept any complaint from any customer, immediately or at a later date, where we do not feel comfortable to proceed with the order for the above reasons.

We reserve the right, under certain circumstances, whether to fully explain our reasons for cancellation.


We reserve the right to cancel an order, or consider the order completed, under certain circumstances.

We further reserve the right not to fully or partly refund the customer where non delivery or incorrect delivery has resulted from circumstances totally out of our control. The decision to refund will relate to circumstances and costs incurred.

Here we provide a few examples of typical problems. This list does not cover all possible situations.

(a) Where every effort has been made to make the delivery to an address given, which proves, in our opinion or that of our delivery agent, to be incorrect or non existent.

(b) We find that after reasonable attempts to make the delivery by our delivery drivers, the recipient will not accept the order, refuses to accept the order, or is obviously, deliberately and constantly unavailable to accept the order, which has been ordered by our customer.

(c) Delivery is correctly made, to an incorrect address, as supplied by our customer and the goods are accepted at that address.

(d) A delivery is made, for the correct order, to the correct delivery address on the correct day but it is accepted by another person who fails to give it to the intended recipient.

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