DDR2 Memory

Power your server, computer or laptop with our high speed DDR2 memory upgrades. Checkout our 200-Pin Laptop Memory or 240-Pin Computer, DDR2 ECC Registered Memory DIMMs compatible with Dell PowerEdge, HP Compaq ProLiant and IBM servers.

DDR Memory

Looking for 144-Pin 200pin Laptop Sodimm memory for Laptop Notebook? or 184-Pin Non-ECC, ECC, ECC Registered Buffered or Unbuffered memory DIMMs of PC2100 PC2700 PC3200? We have all parts in stock, and all RAM are shipped with a lifetime warranty.

DDR3 Memory

Latest hight-speed DDR3 204-Pin, 240-Pin 2GB 4GB 8GB RAM Upgrades of Kingston, Micron, Samsung, Hynix,Elpida and more, these are the big names in memory business in the world.

Memory Upgrade Help & Support

Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Request

Please try the following steps to solve the problem before you fill the RMA Form. Our data shows 60% of problems were solved with these steps.

1) Try using our memory alone in your system.
2) Install the largest capacity module first.
3) Make sure the memory is seated in properly.
4) Dust off the memory contacts.
5) Update the BIOS to the latest version.

If you believe that the memory you received is defective or have compatibility issues and your warranty has not expired, you must first send an online RMA request from here to obtain a RMA number. This form is for Warranty & Damage Claims and Returns.

If you think you meet these requirements, just submit this form. On the next page you will get the RMA Request Confirmation Page with the RMA number. We will get back to you as soon as we receive your RMA Request.

RMA shipments received MUST have the RMA number clearly visible on outside of the package and include copy of the original order invoice, and a copy of the RMA Request Confirmation, without which the package may be refused, unopened and returned.

Order Number/Invoice Number (For online orders, this would be under ORDER INFORMATION in the order email you received.)
Reason for Return Authorization Request
Ordered wrong product
Received wrong product
Not compatible
Have you tried using our memory alone?

If so, what kind of error do you see?
Action requested
Replace with same (for defective modules)
Upgrade or exchange with different ram
What is the exact make and model of the system you are using our memory with?
What other kind of memory are you using our memory with?
Operating System Installed (eg. Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP,Vista,7, Linux)
Quantity of new type requested
  Please Specify:

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Email :
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